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The Center for Safety Research brings together scientists, staff physicians and investigators from academia and healthcare who utilize scientifically valid methodologies to describe, innovate and evaluate: in projects related to both the safety and quality of healthcare. Our approaches and data types range from qualitative to quantitative datasets – data that others describe as ‘big’.

The CSR science is founded on thoughtful ideas, quality data, robust analysis, and transparent reporting, "because research that guides practice and policy must be of the highest standard."

We conceive and conduct high-quality research including: multi-site collaborations, thesis dissertations, summer students, proof of concept work and detailed literature synthesis.  

Over $9 million of peer-reviewed and donor funding enables us but does not define our successes.  We are grateful that others see the value of the work done at CSR.  CIHR, RDV, Heart and Stroke, Society of Critical Care Medicine, ALIMA

Each CSR project is fueled by a passion to create helpful knowledge.  Each strives to address the quadruple aim of improved outcomes for patients, their families, health care professionals and heatlh care administrators.


CONtinuous Trainee and Inpatient Needs Understood, Outcomes Understood and Solutions for systems evaluated


Bedside Paediatric Early Warning System

SIGNS for Kids

Severe Illness Getting Noticed Sooner


Drug therapy, Understood and Guided

EMERALD: Outcomes of ICU care

Early childhood critical illness: Medication Exposure, Related Acute adverse events, Later educational outcomes and Death

End of Life Care

Death in the contemporary PICU is complicated

HARM Evaluated

Hospital characteristics and Adverse event Rate Measurement Evaluated

Our mission: Efficient, effective healthcare for everyone.

Our vision: Purposeful science that helps patients and their families, healthcare professionals and health administrators.

"This quadruple aim is a laudable and credible goal - best achieved on project at a time." C Parshuram, CSR Founding Director

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06 April 2022

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06 April 2022

HERD Publication

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06 April 2022


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