At CSR we integrate academic and healthcare expertise. We are healthcare professionals, patients, family-members and administrators. We are scientists, students, knowledge users and research participants. Our projects range from modest local studies to the largest trial of hospitalized children, from qualitative studies of lived experiences to complex analyses of large datasets.  Our students in the CSR are supported by multiple awards over the years, OGS, CIHR, FRQ and others.

We never stop learning. “We are passionate about the work & strive to improve health and healthcare for everyone in the health-system.”

The Center director Dr. Christopher Parshuram, is an ICU physician, a senior scientist and is a Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Paediatrics at the University of Toronto.

Our Students 
Raghad Al-Abdwani

Students Current
Krista Wolny

Graduate Students
Shanil Ebrahim, Morgan Slater, Gonzalo Guerra, Karen Dryden-Palmer, Roisin Osborne, Janice Tijssen, Nadia Roumeliolitis, Haifa Mtaweh, Jessica Nicoll, Christina Maratta

Scientific Collaborators

Ross Baker
Damon Scales
Niall Ferguson
William Ghali
Tom Stelfox 
Dominique Piquette 

Stakeholder collaborations

Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada 
Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Canadian Foundation for Innovation 
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Robin DeVerteuil (RDV) Foundation
Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety