HARM Evaluated

Hospital characteristics and Adverse event Rate Measurement Evaluated

Hospital characteristics & Adverse event Rate Measurement Evaluated.

Each year millions of dollars are spent to implementing safety strategies with the intent of improving patient safety. Recent evidence does not support the notion that increased safety efforts have translated into safer hospital care.  The objective of HARM-Evaluated is to evaluate the effectiveness of safety strategies used in Canadian hospitals. We are presently enrolling 150 hospitals across Canada. The protocol has been published at Published Protocol CMAJ

Successful completion will allow effective strategies to be boosted and ineffective strategies to dropped or modified.

Contact us to find out if your hospital is eligible to participate. EMAIL: [email protected]

HARM- Evaluated: To identify effective safety strategies in Canadian hospitals. 

Design: National prospective 3-year observational study in 150 Hospitals 

   Eligible Hospitals:  ≥50 adult acute non-psychiatric inpatient beds & report patient ICD10-CA data to CIHI.

   Participants: Frontline Staff and Area Leaders from;

                          Medical, Surgical, Obstetric Wards, Operating Room & ICUs

   Outome: Patient Harm as a consquence of Healthcare  

   Measures: Safety Strategies in place in each hospital area.

                      Work Environment and Safety Culture.

                      Patient casemix. 

Study Partners  

The study is powered by partnerships with Health Standards Organization and Healthcare Excellence Canada and funding from Canadian Institutes of Healthcare Research. 

   Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

   Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC)

   Provincial quality & safety leaders from BC, AB, SK, ON, QC and the Maritime provinces.

   Health Standards Organization (HSO)

Learning as the Study Progresses

   HARM-Evaluated Annual meeting - open to members from participating hospitals

   Live-reports for participating hospitals: including safety strategies used elsewhere

Study Findings

    Effective strategies can be boosted and ineffective strategies dropped or modified 

    Thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day hospital operations

    Thus benefitting patients & the Canadian health system

Protocol Publication