CONtinuous Trainee and Inpatient Needs Understood, Outcomes Understood and Solutions for systems evaluated

Acute care is a 24/7/365 process. Acute illness is unpredictable.

Hospital-systems balance multiple mandates

Efficient use of limited healthcare resources.

Providing high-quality care for todays patients.

Delivering high-quality education for the independent healthcare professionals of the tomorrow’s patients.

Attending to the wellbeing and longevity of healthcare professional workforce.


Informing selection of resident schedules and corresponding mitigation strategies for acute inpatient care and resident education.

Describing wellbeing outcomes and interventions to improve the wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

Identifying and evaluating the function of hospital systems as vehicles to provide safe, high quality care.


The projects of the CONTINUOUS system program of research are to help address these divergent, and potentially conflicting stakeholder needs.

Our work has been funded by Canadian Institutes of Healthcare Research, and includes projects of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.

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