About CSR

Delivering on the Center for Safety Research mission: Efficient, effective healthcare for everyone.

Our History

The Center director Dr. Christopher Parshuram, is a ICU physician in the Department of Critical Care Medicine, is a senior scientist in the Child Health Evaluative Sciences of the SickKids Research Institute and is a Professor of Paediatrics and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto.  

Our solid technology and infrastructure support enable solid science. From modest beginnings in 2004, the CSR infrastructure includes state-of-the-art web-application server, secure web-based data input, with query and data analytic functionality for efficient creation and secure long-term storage of high-quality data.

The Center for Safety Research team is proud to have influenced policy and practice, broadened methodologic knowledge and deepened thinking around key topics. 

Policy-relevance: resident duty-hours, cardiac arrest prevention, paediatric drug safety.

Concept articulation: preparation associated error, the error-berg, optimal stress zone for effective healthcare professional practice, the opportunity cost of curative care in situations of high probability of death.

Patient level descriptions: acute kidney injury, unplanned extubation, drug associated harm, dosing errors, drug utilization, therapeutic drug monitoring.

Methods development: Educational assessment in ICU, prospective adverse event description, multi-modal assessment of bedside clinical activities).

Our journey includes key publications and impact: CMAJ 2008, CMAJ 2011, CMAJ 2015, JAMA 2018 and many other incremental publications.
Our future will reflect on our successful past.

Our Future Builds

Scientific capacity: PhD and MSc completion for graduate students.
Research capacity: Training of talented research professionals to conduct high-quality research and impeccable datasets.
Policy-relevant research to inform national and regional decision-making.
Practice changing research to improve everyday care and patient outcomes. 

Our CSR Team

Dr. Chris Parshuram - Senior Scientist
Kristen Middaugh - Senior Program Manager
Jordan Dang - Clinical Project Research Manager
Arash Khosrowshahi - Clinical Research Project Manager
Pragash Loganathan - Research Project Coordinator
Uroosa Khan - SMH Research Coordinator
Javaria Azam - SMH Research Project Coordinator
Aarya Gore - Clinical Research Project Coordinator
Phoebe McAuley - Clinical Research Project Coordinator
Arththi Thanabalasingam - Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator

Anna Colucci - Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Tayo Akinola - Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Nayomi Camulis - Research Assistant
Sharuya Balasingam - Research Assistant
Helena Frndova - Senior Data Management Analyst